The Abyss Anamorphic DVD Review

After many years of researching and buying different DVD versions, yes ... there is an anamorphic widescreen DVD version of The Abyss.

he Chinese Excel Media NTSC Region 6 DVD is actually anamorphic! Finally. While it is out-of-print and may be hard to find, it was totally worth the trouble of acquiring this version.

I could not enjoy watching any of those other letterboxed DVD versions because no matter how you customized your video player to play the film, it looked like a pretty bad VCD.

While this DVD is far from perfect, I can finally watch this video normally on my home theater without tweaking a thing. I'm tired of waiting years and years for a special edition Anamorphic dvd or hypothetical blu-ray so this DVD is more than fine. The video quality is like a revelation after watching all those other versions.

The video quality isn't crisp but it looks pretty damn good in motion. I don't know how to take proper video screenshots but I uploaded some images to get an idea how it looks. The DTS-ES 6.1 is quite amazing - couldn't ask for anything better on a DVD.

The only extra is text trivia about the making of the film. Finally, finally, finally. I'm so happy with this DVD that I don't even care about any Blu-ray now. I've been so fed up with waiting that all I really wanted was to just watch this movie without looking distorted.

As you can tell Haley loves The Abyss!