Dark Phoenix Movie Review

Okay. Big fan of X-Men. The comic, the cartoons and the movies. I used to rip on the one hated X-men movie - X-Men Origins: Wolverine mainly to the screw-up of Deadpool - but in time (and thanks to the existance of the new Deadpool movies), X-Men Origins: Wolverine is now entertaining and has surprisingly aged just fine (similar feeling I had with the Star Wars prequels - didnt like in the beginning but have enjoyed them more in time).

I basically find pleasure in all the X-Men movies, with Days of Future Past, First Class and X2 being my favorite ones. I understand that the popular X-Men stories have to be adapted in different ways for the film medium and the X-Men movies have done them as well as any other superhero movie adapting popular book stories to the screen. I understand that the movies also didn't stick to the traditional comic book costumes as well and it didnt' ruin my enjoyment of these films.

So after reading poor reviews of Dark Phoenix - expecting it to be worse than X-Men Origins and a complete scattered mess, I lowered my expectations as I have done with the previous X-Men movies (movies getting great hype is also a way for a person to have high expectations and be let down, so I usually keep my expectations low). I watched Dark Phoenix waiting for boredom, scattered non-connected scenes, poor-filmed action, no emotions, and no build-up to kick in.

But surprisingly, it did not happen. Dark Phoenix was surprisingly excellent! I don't know what anyone is talking about. For a film plagued with production probs and reshoots, I didnt get a sense of any disorder. What I got was a beautifully-done corrected Dark Phoenix storyline with great acting, intense moments of characters interacting, cool action scenes and a constant build-up with smooth flow from beginning to end, with a beautiful ending to Fox's X-Men saga.

The final scenes with Professor X and Magneto are emotionally gripping. I'm actually amazed that these X-Men movies can have more satisifying conclusions after Days of Future Past, but the conclusions to Days of Future Past, Logan and now Dark Phoenix have three conclusions that are all welcome and fitting (I remember people complaining about LOTR: Return of the King having too many conclusions and I loved them all too - just like these three conclusions in the above listed X-Men films).

Sophie Turner, McCovey, Fassbender and Hoult just kill it in this movie - great performances from all, and now we can say (the ones who enjoy this film) that this is Jean Grey done right. Kinsberg did learn from his mistakes in X-Men Last Stand. Too bad the rest of you couldnt enjoy it.

To me, it's just an awesome ending to Fox's films - so consistent and amazing relationships of these characters from the very first X-men movie to Dark Phoenix. Still all very rewatchable and all epic in their own ways. Hans Zimmer's score by the way is crazy amazing. By the way, this was the first X-Men film where I felt the public/citizens of the world showed appreciation to the X-Men. Too many superhero movies (Marvel and DC) forget to give some reaction to the way the globe feels about superheroes helping out the world. And after all the complaints about Fox shying away from traditional comic book costumes, it was a joy to see Dazzler (who first appeared at the beginning of the Dark Phoenix comic book storyline in the comics) in her classicly awesome disco costume. And it was nice to see Genosha. Looks like nice place to live! This one gets an 8.5 out of 10 for me, much better and more rewatchable to me than X-Men Origins,

Last Stand and Age of Apocalypse. Now looking forward to what Marvel does with X-Men.