Hong Kong Extradition; The 'Scoop'

On the rainy days of June, nothing is stopping the Hong Kong people to express themselves clearly now as they protest on the streets against the changes to the Anti-Extradition Law, and the voice of the people will not be ignored. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam needs to stop the amendment but also admit that the backing the extradition of Hong Kong people found guilty of crimes sent to Mainland China jails would be a dangerous outcome for the future of Hong Kong.

f the pro-government parties and government want to force this Extradition Law, it will affect Hong Kong's justice system, and also ruin Hong Kong's reputation as an open minded, democratic for not only Hong Kong people but also for the plentiful international community that visit, work, and/or live in Hong Kong.

The Extradition Law currently followed was created by Hong Kong's Legislature Council more than twenty years ago, which specifically does not include China having any influence at all - one country, two systems...not one system - which would include the legal system, one of the most critical and questionable legal systems right now existing in China. The importance of this current law is that it prevents China's lacking human rights, corrupt justice system and criminal law from flowing into Hong Kong's style of law.

The current plan means that Carrie Lam - known as a puppet to Mainland Chinese leaders - can bypass the Legislative Council to give the Chief Executive the only power to decide on extradition of a particular person found guilty of a crime in Hong Kong. Giving the Chief Executive this sole power would make the politicians existing in the Legislative Council be absolutely useless in the investigating of any extradition cases.

Furthermore, the plans for this updated Extradition Law does not allow legal protection to the person found guilty as the Court would be able to approve the extradition based on general evidence alone without any further investigations - having the judge act as the jury and as the lawyers is the basic unfair way to not run a legal system.

Thus, the new proposed legal system would have barely any influence of reviewing or disapproving an extradition case. If they pass this amendment, current legal issues will remain unresolved and will possibly create even more problems. Hong Kong is a city that follows the rules and lives by the law - especially being a banking/financial hub capital of the world. This law would be a huge conflict to Hong Kong's lawful and democratic identity and would be the start of tearing down Hong Kong's current legal system.

People say Mainland China is gradually taking over Hong Kong - this proposed law is one huge factor in that process to happen. While it is understandable that Hong Kong people don't want killers to waste space in the Hong Kong jails and it would be fine to send them to Mainland China, but there are two sides of the coin - the citizens cannot forget that people who speak out against China or booksellers who sell pro-democracy/pro-west books get in trouble and can be unfairly locked away.

People who disagree with a political system or share other opinions should have a right to share their beliefs - it won't be pleasant when Mainland China's style of prosecution is enforced in Hong Kong to make their citizens then live in fear of saying something or doing something wrong that wouldn't normally be considered a problem in other democratic places in the world. Chinese Courts are notorious for keeping trial details quiet or mysterious and known for keeping records of prisoners secret. In Mainland China, people found guilty are not allowed to have defense lawyers, a jury not influencd by the government nor public (family, friends, etc) allowed to attend any trails.

The Hong Kong people need to prevent the Extradition Law amendment to change for the advantage of Mainland China. For the sake of democracy and human rights, citizens need to stand up for human rights and not ignore the tiny little law changes that the government and pro-government parties try to sneek past the people. If no one does anything, then Hong Kong shall eventually be ruled by the Chinese Communist Party.

Let Haley know whether you agree with the new extradition law.